Hear Directly from Our Customers

“DilSe.IT has been helping me with my IT stuff and photo studio network gear for years. I have many networked computers, archive storage devices, backup systems, printers, TVs, wireless music and ethernet connections. To be honest, I don’t really know exactly what they do to make it all work, but therein lies their genius. They get things done with a smile, little expense, and nothing is ever a problem for me. When you can tell someone “I want this to work like this” and a few minutes later it does, then you are living the dream. Paresh and Dalen help me live my dream.”

Andrew Clark Photography

“I am so thankful for the day I met Paresh Rana and started working with DilSe.IT! From the very first day and throughout many years of work, this company has changed how I more efficiently do business. The level of service and knowledge from Paresh Rana across both Mac & PC is exceptional over the top. The suggestions given to me for the phone service and IT solutions are top notch. I trust this company with everything related to my business. I operate a very stressful Mortgage Company where I need our systems to operate at the fastest level of speed and with the utmost in reliability. Everything DilSe.IT has incorporated into my business has done just that and then some. I cannot even imagine working with another company no matter what cost savings they may offer. Knowing I will always be taken care of, sometimes even at a moment’s notice, is worth Gold to me. Honestly, I cannot thank them enough for the impact they have had on my own level of stress and peace of mind!”

Michael Delzer
First Class Financial Services