Hear Directly from Our Customers

“Prior to retiring to Castle Pines, Colorado, I was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a $6B Fortune 500 company, Flowserve (NYSE: FLS), where I had a complete IT staff at my disposal to support my computer/processing needs. Upon moving into our new home, my wife and I soon realized our fully integrated electronic system required major support, similar to what I had as CEO. Through a neighbor, I contacted Paresh and quickly realized he was not only a brilliant IT support person, but his knowledge of computing, software, hardware and system integration, compounded by his vision of the future, made him invaluable as part of our family. He also has the rare ability to break down difficult complex tasks into simple phases that both my wife and I can easily understand. Whenever we have had an issue with our system, Paresh has always made himself available at all hours of the day and night as well as weekends. We couldn’t have asked for a smarter and more personable person to be part of our team.”

Lewis Kling