IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

DilSe.IT solutions are designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. We know that these businesses rely on information technology as heavily as their bigger competitors. Large companies typically spend 15% or more of their operating budget on IT – they have the budget, expertise and scale to put technology to work to make their businesses competitive. Do you? Business owners need a trusted advisor to help them choose, implement and maintain technology solutions. We are your advisor – think of us as your outsourced Information Technology (IT) Department.

Technology Infrastructure

In today’s world, your business relies on computers and devices connected to a network. Yet, many companies treat their technology infrastructure as an afterthought. Inexperienced employees often install network cabling without regard for building codes and technical requirements. Or installing low voltage cabling is tacked onto the electrician’s job list. Switches and routers tend to be installed by various vendors in a haphazard and overlapping fashion based on that vendor’s specific requirements, without regard for other systems or devices on the network. As a result, troubleshooting and diagnosing issues become virtually impossible, and your uptime suffers.

Our Structured Cabling Process

With these issues in mind, DilSe.IT has developed a process called Structured Cabling to build out your network infrastructure. This process starts with 24 port CAT6 patch panels to facilitate easier maintenance of data drops and the addition of future drops as needed. All equipment is rack mounted. Color coding makes it easier for non-technical employees to be supported if issues arise or changes are required. Networking switches are on the same management network, and VLAN’d and firewalled, allowing for network segmentation and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance while maintaining ease of remote diagnostics, configuration, and management.

All data drops are made as home runs to the equipment rack. Only solid copper CAT6 cable is used and terminations adhere to T-568B specifications. All cable runs are completed in accordance with local building codes with consideration for: line voltage power cables, Plenum spaces above ceiling tiles, wall penetrations for standard or fire-rated walls, and required mounting, bundling and strapping of cable. All data drops are tested for clean continuity and certified to CAT6 standards at greater than 250 Mhz. Structured cabling can guarantee your technology infrastructure for 10+ years of service. When issues arise, they can typically be detected and often resolved quickly via remote monitoring.

When an on-site diagnosis is required, standardization and color coding enable a DilSe.IT technician to remotely walk a non-technical employee through the steps necessary. This often leads to a resolution of the problem within minutes versus waiting for an on-site technician’s visit. It also avoids finger-pointing among various vendors as to whose equipment is at fault. Quick turn-around time is vital to getting your business back online.

Managed Services

With real-time remote monitoring and management (RMM) incorporated with alerts and automated remediation, we can identify, diagnose and fix issues quickly, often before you even know they exist. In addition, we work with you to establish the policies your business needs, and the RMM system handles routine maintenance tasks such as operating system patches and upgrades.

Endpoint protection prevents viruses, malware, and ransomware on all your devices, including PC, Mac, Linux, virtual machines, servers, Android, and Apple iOS. In addition, we provide a unique layer of protection for your Web browsers which are the primary tool for accessing critical data both inside your network perimeter and in the cloud. Your organization’s mobile devices are increasingly becoming the battleground for attacks. Mobile Device Management allows you to manage and protect these endpoints as well.

Hosted Business Services

The DilSe.IT Hosted Business Services deliver a comprehensive set of solutions from the cloud, including: email and calendar, secure file sharing and office apps, a password vault, and virtual private network (VPN) remote connectivity. Documents and files stored on your file share in the cloud are automatically backed-up with multiple versions, so you never lose sensitive data and essential business information. Unlike other email/calendar and file share solutions, ours are priced based on storage versus user accounts, allowing every employee to have a company email address, calendar and appropriate access to shared files and apps.

Wi-Fi In-A-Box

The proliferation of mobile computing devices in a retail environment is putting greater demands on a store’s wi-fi network. The volume of wi-fi traffic has increased 10x to 100x versus several years ago. With devices being used for more tasks, strong wi-fi coverage is required throughout the sales floor, in receiving areas, warehouse areas, garden centers, propane fill stations, etc. DilSe.IT has developed an innovative, easy-to-install, continuously managed Wi-Fi In-A-Box solution to upgrade a retail store’s wi-fi network. Three segmented networks are delivered via a common set of devices: 1) A secure, PCI-compliant segment for the point-of-sale and inventory management system, 2) A separate segment for all other company-owned devices, and 3) A guest segment for vendor and customer access. The RF signal is optimized for the store’s specific environment including access point placement, remote scanning for interference, and remote frequency and channel tuning. Fast roaming and wireless meshing are used to maximize reliability and performance with seamless hand-offs between access point devices. DilSe.IT has 14 years of experience configuring and installing wi-fi networks in retail including complex, challenging situations like lumber yards, garden centers, and historic buildings. Wi-Fi In-A-Box will give a serious boost to your network performance.

VoIP Phone System

We install Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems where your conversation flows over the data network as packets of information. Old analog copper phone lines have become a thing of the past. We link you to the VoIP dial tone through our partner JuJu Bell. Various advanced features are available including: auto-attendant answering, on-hold everywhere, remote extensions, voice mail/fax to email, call forwarding, and conference call bridge.

Surveillance Systems

At DilSe.IT we believe surveillance systems are an integral part of your technology infrastructure versus a stand-alone project. Digital, IP-based cameras and your network video recorder (NVR) are treated as devices on your network. Our security camera systems strike the right balance between function and cost with commercial-grade, high-resolution equipment that won’t break the bank. IP-based cameras provide high-res, searchable imagery for catching perpetrators and monitoring employee activity. Video feeds can be accessed anytime, anywhere via remote computers or mobile devices. In addition, we are experienced with indoor and outdoor camera mounting to enable you to monitor all sensitive areas of your business.

Digital Signage

Live action digital imagery and video enhances the customer experience by engaging and educating viewers. Even when your sales people aren’t immediately available, digital signs can provide details about exciting promotions, new or complex products, and innovative service offerings. Administration, design and content are hosted in the cloud. Display is handled by a highly efficient local player connected to your wi-fi network. New content is only delivered to the players when the program changes minimizing bandwidth usage on your network. Digital signs can be located anywhere power is available, and turn-key mounting solutions are available for common retail fixtures.

Sound & Public Address Systems

It is economical and efficient to install overhead Sound and Public Address (PA) Systems along with your other network infrastructure. We use high quality speakers, audio cable and amplifiers installed to local building codes. We integrate your system to popular signal sources such as Mood Media. Overhead paging and announcements are enabled through our phone system.

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