Sharing Large Files

December 6, 2022

Sharing with Hosted Business Server

Did you know that best practice is to share large files via a link embedded in your email versus an email attachment? Many email systems restrict the size of files that can be emailed as an attachment. You may not be able to send the outbound email if the attachment is too large. Or, your recipient may not be receive the email if it is blocked by their email server. Even worse, you may never receive a notification about your email not being delivered depending on the settings of the receiving email server.

Sending large files as attachments also clogs-up your mailbox. A copy of the large attachment will be stored in your sent mail. If you cc yourself on the email another copy will be stored in your in-box. If the recipient replies and includes the attachment another copy of the large file will come back into your in-box. Multiply this by tens or hundreds of emails sent per day and the problem becomes amplified.

DilSe.IT Hosted Business Services easily enable you to replace the large attachment with a link to the file in a sharable location. Simply right-click on the folder or file you wish to share. Select Share with Nextcloud from the pop-up menu. You can share directly from the Nextcloud Sharing dialog or you can copy the link and paste it into your email. Recipients can be allowed to edit the file (the default is read-only access) and, if you share a folder, even upload their own files back to you. You can set the link to expire on a certain date. And, you can password protect the link for sensitive files.

These DilSe.IT Hosted Business Services give you much more control over how a file gets shared and they limit the amount of storage consumed by the same file. Your recipient is also much more likely to receive your email if it includes a link versus a large attachment. Keep in-mind that most recipients don’t trust links received from unknown persons. If you’re sending an email to someone you don’t know, it is usually best to avoid both large attachments and embedded links until you’ve established an email dialog with the recipient and they know who you are.

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