Technology Infrastructure Is Your Business’s Nervous System

July 20, 2022

In today’s world, your business relies on computers and devices connected to a network.  You literally cannot conduct business without these connections.  Yet, many businesses treat their technology infrastructure as an afterthought.  Network cabling is installed by an inexperienced employee without regard to building code or technical requirements.  Or, installation of low voltage cabling is tacked onto the electrician’s job list.  Switches and routers are installed by various vendors in haphazard and overlapping fashion based on that vendor’s specific requirements, and without regard for other systems and devices.

At Dil Se we consider your technology infrastructure to be the “nervous system” of your business.  It allows you to sense and respond to inputs from customers, vendors, employees, and everyone else you interact with to conduct commerce.  Would you trust your body’s nervous system to just anyone, or would you hire the best doctor you could find?

We leverage a process we call Structured Cabling to build-out your network infrastructure.  This starts with 24 port CAT6 patch panels to facilitate easier maintenance of data drops and the addition of future drops as needed.  All equipment is rack mounted.  Color coding makes it easier for non-technical employees to be supported in the event issues arise or changes are needed.  Networking switches are on the same management network and VLAN’d and firewalled for network segmentation and PCI compliancy while maintaining ease of remote diagnostics, configuration and management.

All data drops are made as home runs to the equipment rack.  Only solid copper CAT6 cable is used – no copper clad aluminum (CCA) cable is used.  Terminations are to T-568B specifications.  All cable runs are done to code with consideration for:  line voltage powerlines, Plenum spaces above ceiling tiles, wall penetrations for standard or fire-rated walls, and required mounting, bundling and strapping of cable.  All data drops must be tested for clean continuity and certified to CAT6 standards at > 250 Mhz.  

Done right, your technology infrastructure can be guaranteed for 10+ years of service.  When issues arise they can be detected, and often resolved, via remote monitoring.  When on-site diagnosis is required, standardization and color coding enable technicians walk a non-technical employee through the required steps.  This often leads to a resolution within minutes versus waiting for an on-site technician’s visit.  Quick turn-around time is vital to getting your business back on-line.

At Dil Se our business is your technology infrastructure.  To learn more contact us at sales@DilSe.IT