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We are your advisor – think of us as your outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Information technology can be overwhelming, and it’s our intention to help you choose the right solutions, implement them cost effectively, and have them disappear into the background allowing you to focus on your business, not your technology. Our blog articles are written and curated to be relevant to you.

Cheyenne Mountain Ace

Client Profile: Cheyenne Mountain Ace Hardware ( is a 22,000 square foot retail hardware, paint, lawn and garden, power equipment, and barbecue destination located at 1785 South 8th Street in Colorado Springs, CO.  The store […]

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Epicor Eagle Upgrades Made Simple

We’ll handle your Eagle upgrade in an efficient, coordinated manner, so you can have all the added benefits with none of the headaches.

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Why is the DilSe.IT File Share Better?

NextCloud never has access to user data, as it is stored independently by DilSe.IT.  Our cloud storage servers are located in a world-class data center in DTC with 24/7 security.  

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Sharing Large Files

Did you know that best practice is to share large files via a link embedded in your email versus an email attachment?

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Epicor Eagle on-site versus cloud

Epicor Eagle on-site versus cloud?  The software delivery model has been changing over the past 15 years with more and more providers moving from a traditional software licensing model to a subscription model.  This shift […]

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Communication and Collaboration for Small Businesses

Communication and collaboration are essential for all businesses to be profitable and to grow.  One might think that communication and collaboration is easier in a small business with less that 100 employees than in a larger business.  Unfortunately, this […]

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