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We are your advisor – think of us as your outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Information technology can be overwhelming, and it’s our intention to help you choose the right solutions, implement them cost effectively, and have them disappear into the background allowing you to focus on your business, not your technology. Our blog articles are written and curated to be relevant to you.

Technology Infrastructure Is Your Business’s Nervous System

In today’s world, your business relies on computers and devices connected to a network.  You literally cannot conduct business without these connections.  Yet, many businesses treat their technology infrastructure as an afterthought.  Network cabling is installed by an […]

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 The Dangers of Email Attacks on Small Businesses

Email is one of today’s most common and most beneficial ways to communicate among your employees.  But, it is also a primary tool used by attackers to steal money, account credentials and sensitive information.

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Introducing Nick Portnoy on the Dil Se Team

Dil Se is excited to introduce the newest member of our field technician team, Nick Portnoy.  Nick’s non-conventional background brings diversity and a broad set of skills to our team, beyond just IT knowledge.  Previously, Nick held a […]

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Protecting Against Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has increased 60% since 2015 according to the National Retail Federation.  More than 70% of retailers reported an increase in ORC in 2021.  The COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect storm because it closed many […]

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Technology Infrastructure for Retail

Never has the selection and preparation of your technology infrastructure been more important when building a new retail store.  Yet most owners treat this critical area as an after-thought by asking their electrician, their phone vendor, […]

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Protecting your Retail Business From Cyber Threats

The cost of business interruption for retailers due to ransomware, malware or other hacks into your systems can be significant:  1) Tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue and gross margin per day.  2) Damage to […]

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Communication and Collaboration for Small Businesses

Communication and collaboration are essential for all businesses to be profitable and to grow.  One might think that communication and collaboration is easier in a small business with less that 100 employees than in a larger business.  Unfortunately, this […]

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Meet DilSe.IT Founder Paresh Rana

DilSe.IT founder Paresh Rana is the company’s chief technologist and innovator. Growing up in South Africa, Paresh has had his hands on technology since the mid 1980s, building computers and adding amps to his Walkman. In […]

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